RALLY NIPPON’s motto is to root for Japan’s vitality. Japan is filled with countless historical architectures and preserved nature sights.
After periods of time, these architectures and nature contribute to form the “beauty” of Japan as many of its sites are registered and approved as the World Heritage.
We take great value of the World Heritage and the Cultural Heritage of Japan and strive to appreciate it as earth’s treasure via classic cars which is also one of the masterpiece of civilization that a human being has brought forth. This work of art strengthens ties between people to people, region to region, and heart to heart.
RALLY NIPPON intends to deliver to the world how beautiful Japan is by rediscovering, realizing, and appreciating the pride and joy of the Japanese history and culture through rallies with classic cars as an eye-catcher.
Japan Tourism Agency X RALLY NIPPON = Japan’s Vitalization Out of all the existing vintage car rally organizations in Japan, RALLY NIPPON is the only one that has been approved and licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency. Since 2011, we have been given the title and support from the Japan Tourism Agency to hold 4 days rallies with the concept of traveling around Japan’s World Heritage and Cultural Heritage. With that in mind, our events have grown to achieve satisfaction for every rally entrant to enjoy not only the competition itself but also touring the splendor of Japan.
In addition, with the use of the public road, there is frequent contacts and ties with not only the fans of classic cars but also with many tourists and locals as well as the cooperation from the essential local government for the rallies to be held year after year.
RALLY JAPAN’s aim is to vitalize Japan by inviting domestic and foreigners from all over the globe to enter our rallies and taking part with the local events.
Students x RALLY NIPPON = Educational Support Cooperation by the supporting staff with the administration is one of the key elements of success of RALLY NIPPON. RALLY JAPAN has incorporated with Universities by inviting the students to partake with the project. In doing so, the university students are able to experience not only the rally itself but be educated with what goes on behind the scene. Communicating between the staff and the owners and entrants, helping with administration, and having the satisfaction of seeing the success of rallies provide the students the valuable society experience.
For an example, students from Tokyo University and Kanto Industrial College came to help us as a supporting staff with our 4 day event, Monte Carlo Rally. They supported us in various forms such as giving out instructions to the entrants and helping with the maintenance.
Conversely, the students were able to achieve their purposes as we provided a place for them to test run their restored cars and provided space for fundraise with their project presentations.

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